DDF News — 1 Mar 2019

#FestivalFlashback - Highlight Performance No. 6: Raimund Hoghe (2010)

#FestivalFlashback - Highlight Performance No. 6: Raimund Hoghe (2010)

This week's post takes us back to a highlight performance in 2010 from influential choreographer, Raimund Hoghe.

Young People, Old Voices saw Raimund Hoghe take to the stage with 12 young cast members from Ireland and abroad whose youthful abandon provided a striking counterpoint to the atmospheric, energetic and musical duet between Hoghe and Lorenzo de Brabandere.


A work of contrasts, Young People, Old Voices brought Dublin audiences an intriguing juxtaposition of music, song and dance.

The power of Hogh's choreography and performance can be best summed up by Gia Kourlas from Time Out New York who said

Hoghe is a rare sort of dancer. His presence - indelibly gentle and profoundly graceful - casts a strange spell. He changes the way a room breathes.

As we slowly close in on 2019 Festival, we hope you're grab the chance to be part of the the 15th Edition Opening Night which sees RIOT kicking things off in style on Wed 1 May at Vicar Street.