DDF News — 17 Feb 2020

Memorising Movements: Mamafesta Memorialising takes the Project Arts Centre stage

Memorising Movements: Mamafesta Memorialising takes the Project Arts Centre stage

Philip Connaughton brings his latest dance piece, Mamafesta Memorialising, to Project Arts Centre in Dublin.

Critically acclaimed choreographer Philip Connaughton is proud to present Mamafesta Memorialising, premiering at Project Arts Centre Wednesday 19 – Saturday 22 February.

Mamafesta Memorialising looks to continue the story of his last piece, Assisted Solo, which blended performance, spoken word, and digital elements to show the changing relationship between Connaughton and his mother, Madeleine. Madeleine suffers from dementia, resulting in a change within their family dynamic that Connaughton explored through dance.

Mamafesta Memorialising Photo Gallery

Photos by Luca Truffarelli

In a recent article published in the Irish Times, Connaughton discusses his desires to continue this story, this time tackling his own perspective instead of his mother’s. He talks of his fears relating to his own mental health, and how Mamafesta Memorialising serves as “an exercise in memory”. In total, Connaughton created and memorised over 1,200 gestures for his new piece. He then made his fellow dancers memorise these gestures; “putting them through hell,” says Connaughton.

Mamafesta Memorialising is personal, humorous, and dynamic. Connaughton is begging the audience to witness his own demons, conveying them through a group dance. It promises to be a profound performance that viewers will be left thinking about afterwards.

For more information and ticket bookings, look here or call the Project Arts Centre box office at +353 1 8819 613.

To learn more about Philip Connaughton, visit his website here.

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