DDF News — 4 Jun 2019

Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) comes to Dublin for one performance only

Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) comes to Dublin for one performance only

We're thrilled that our friends from the Nederlands Dans Theater will be coming to Dublin this month for a very special performance at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre.

Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) will visit Dublin for the first time for an exclusive dance performance on Thursday June 13, 2019 at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. This performance coincides with the occasion of the state visit of their majesties, The King and Queen of The Netherlands. The dancers of NDT 2 will present an exciting programme consisting of three ballets, including works by NDT’s house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot, NDT’s associate choreographer Marco Goecke, and maestro Hans van Manen. 

Tickets from €25 are on sale now through Ticketmaster.

Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) is one of the world’s leading contemporary dance companies, under artistic guidance of house choreographer Paul Lightfoot. The Dutch troupe is based in The Hague, but performs on a yearly basis for an international audience of approximately 150.000 visitors in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia. Since its foundation in 1959, this rebellious, pioneering company has built a rich repertoire of over 650 ballets.

In 1978, NDT founded a second division. Initially brought to life to feed the first company with young talent, NDT 2 has grown into its full autonomous potential with its own, distinctive repertoire over the years. In September 2018, Fernando Hernando Magadan was appointed Artistic Leader of NDT 2, a former NDT 2 and NDT 1 dancer himself.

First in line is Sol León and Paul Lightfoot’s Signing Off created in 2003 and originally made for the dancers of NDT 1. This work marked a turning point in the career of the makers and acted as a farewell ballet when the choreographers thought they would leave the company. The opposite turned out to be true. Signing Off was awarded the prestigious Benois de la Danse.

In Midnight Raga (2017) Marco Goecke refers to classical, Indian music through a deep midnight blue colour. In contrast to earlier choreographies, the music - compositions by Ravi Shankar - formed the starting point to this creation. Goecke was intrigued by the mystical and so-called ‘freaky’ sounds yet he utilised the music without resorting to Indian dance elements.

Hans van Manen, the master of simplicity, made Simple Things in 2001 for the young dancers of NDT 2. A dynamic quartet for two couples, the ballet opens and closes with an overwhelming pas de deux for two men. In between, they dance various duets with two women, expressing the relationships between two people in motion.

Witness this spectacular dance production at Bord Gáis Energy Theatre for one performance only!